Facebook Asset Recovery

We will restore your Facebook Ads account disabled and/or your Facebook Business Manager banned


Ad account BLOCKED
Business Manager BANNED

Not able to run ads anymore and you don’t even know the reason why it happened

You got restricted from advertising, and you can't run any ads or scale your business while probably your competitors are running the same ads with no issues. If this is familiar, you know how stressful and irritating it is. It ends up in a waste of time and money trying to solve this because your business is not running. 

Restrictions from ad platforms will be stricter year by year

We were in your exact situation before finding a secret backway to reinstate any restricted facebook assets quickly. We can help you reinstate yours without losing the data collected within all your Facebook assets after spending your hard-earned money. 

We will unlock your account, manage the feedback score and bring your business back immediately

Finally, the solution is here: We have gathered the information, tools, and strategies all together in one place, ready to implement. Letting you focus on business, without wasting more time searching week pieces of information on Google or YouTube, or trying to get some help through the support.

We have decided to create this service to sort these problems out 

✅Fix Ban Personal Ad Account problem
✅Fix Blocked Business Manager Problem
✅Facebook Profile Restriction Issue
✅Provide Ads Management Service (during troubleshooting phase)
✅Business Page Recovery
✅Creation of Backup Facebook Business Manager & Ad Account

Prevent unexpected bans

Anyway as you know, any strategy or tool works until a lot of people start using the same things. Be one of the firsts to use this and beat the competition immediately.

Access to your Business Manager will be required.

Please contact us before placing an order.

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Reinstate your restricted from advertising Facebook ad account


 2 Days Delivery    

What's included

  • Stop Bans Guide
  • Ad Account Restoration

Reinstate your restricted from advertising Facebook fan page


 3 Days Delivery    

What's included

  • Stop Bans Guide
  • Facebook Fan Page Restoration

Reinstate your restricted from advertising Facebook business manager


 4 Days Delivery    

What's included

  • Stop Bans Guide
  • Business Manager Restoration

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Stop Bans Guide
Ad Account Restoration
Facebook Fan Page Restoration
Business Manager Restoration
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