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Go From Non-SEO Expert to SEO Superstar

Get actionable steps for topping the search engine rankings using the power of AI

Search engine optimization can be a tough nut to crack, especially when it’s not your area of expertise. And while there are a lot of SEO tools out there, they’re usually confusing or packed with features you don’t need.

Squirrly SEO is an AI-powered, all-in-one SEO suite that takes the guesswork out of search engine optimization

Thanks to the magic of machine learning, Squirrly SEO’s AI systems filter through the billions of data points that have made over 600,000 websites rank higher on Google. Based on that data, you’ll receive high-priority actionable goals that are 100% relevant to your site. Find out exactly what actions to take to make your pages rank higher with step-by-step instructions on how to complete every goal.

With Squirrly SEO, you’ll always know exactly what to do to get to the first page of the Google results

The Live Assistant feature provides real-time SEO feedback on your content as you type in the WordPress editor, along with suggestions for 100% on-page optimization. Kick it up a notch by using the blogging tools to add copyright-free images, include relevant tweets, and reference related blog posts.

Discover high-potential keywords to target and get clear guidance on how to optimize your content

Discover untapped keyword ideas and analyze their potential with the built-in keyword research tool. Get clear-cut intelligence for every keyword you research, including search volume, competition data, how popular the topic is on social media, and the odds of ranking. Once you find high-potential keywords, you can save and organize keywords into groups to plan your content and perfect your SEO strategy using the Briefcase feature. 

Focus on the tasks that actually matter with clear tasks that are relevant to how search engines work

Focus Pages help you concentrate on the pages you most want to rank. Select any page as a Focus Page, and this tool will analyze it just like Google would. Get a list of page-specific tasks to work on to improve your chances of ranking. Complete the tasks to rank your pages with red signaling issues and green signaling wins!

Squirrly SEO also lets you track the performance for thousands of your traffic-driving keywords across 170+ search engines

Access in-depth insights like clicks, impressions, and social shares for keywords to see how content is performing, and view top-ranking pages to better understand where your traffic is coming from. Finding the best keywords is just one step—you’ve got to use them correctly in your SEO content to get results.

See how well your SEO efforts are paying off with accurate data and powerful visuals

Search engine optimization is a complex, tedious process, so why not get some extra AI assistance? Squirrly SEO helps you optimize your WordPress site with easy-to-use tools that put SEO success into your own hands.

License for one domain (lifetime access)


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What's included

  • Focus Pages - 3 per site
  • Keyword Researches - 50 per month
  • New Keyword Ideas - 2,500 per month
  • Deep Keyword Research - 2,500 per month
  • Keywords You Can Rank For
  • SEO Strategy
  • Content Optimizations With SEO Live Assistant - Unlimited
  • Copyright-Free Images
  • Blogging Assistant
  • Audit Suite Version
  • Audit Suite Pages - 50 per month
  • Audit Duplicate Metas
  • On-Demand SEO Audits
  • Blogging Audit
  • Content Marketing Analytics - Unlimited Pages
  • SERP Cloud Check Ranking On-Demand - 1 per day
  • TOP Ranking Pages Leaderboard
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Google Rank Check Made Through GSC - Unlimited
  • Business SERP checker and Google rank
  • Customer Service - Phone, Email, Social Media
  • Lifetime Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Squirrly together with Rank Math? Could I replace Rank Math altogether with Squirrly?


Yes, you can use Squirrly SEO alongside Rank Math if you want to, as Squirrly enables you to deactivate certain settings or modules so that Squirrly SEO and Rank Math can work in compatibility mode. If Squirrly stops handling source code changes, then it works with Rank Math, SEOpress, All In One SEO SEO, Yoast, and others. Regarding whether you could replace Rank Math altogether with Squirrly SEO, this graphic linked below shows you a side-by-side comparison of Squirrly SEO vs. Rank Math. There are around 650 features in Squirrly SEO, most of which can’t be found in Rank Math, given that Rank Math does not offer a duality between plugin and cloud services. https://howto12.squirrly.co/wordpress-seo/use-squirrly-in-compatibility-mode-with-other-seo-plugins/ https://plugin.squirrly.co/compare/#vsrankmath

Can we import data from Rank Math into Squirrly SEO?


Yes, you can easily import all settings and all page optimizations made with Rank Math, using our import features. This provides step-by-step documentation on how to migrate your data from Rank Math so that you don’t lose your previous SEO optimization. https://howto12.squirrly.co/wordpress-seo/how-to-switch-from-rank-math-to-squirrly-seo/

Are Focus Pages similar to pillar content in Rank Math?


You can search for “focus pages” on this page: https://www.squirrly.co/wordpress/plugins/second-seo-features-page/ You will see there all that it offers. It is incredibly valuable for SEO and does everything required for SEO, unlike the pillar feature in Rank Math. It offers more than even Moz or Ahrefs does in terms of content analysis. Side by side comparison: Squirrly SEO versus Rank Math https://plugin.squirrly.co/compare/#vsrankmath Powered by advanced cloud servers owned by the Squirrly Company, the MarketIntelligence big data analysis we do, and data sources like: Moz, Majestic, Alexa, Semrush, Google Analytics, ContentLook, crawlers owned by Squirrly: we are in a unique position that allows us to do in-depth content analysis and see each page the same way that Google’s algorithms see it.

Why is Squirrly Keyword Research better than Google Keyword Planner for SEO strategies?


Because our tool focuses on the information your need to better rank on Google not to get your Ads in front of more people. Google Keyword Planner is a great research tool if you are creating Google Ads campaigns. For SEO our keyword generator tool is better. Get a more detailed response here. https://howto12.squirrly.co/faq/how-does-squirrly-marketing-and-marketshare-wise-compete/

Can the Squirrly SEO plugin be used together with Yoast, SEOPress, Rank Math, Premium SEO Pack, All in One SEO, SEO Framework?


es, you can use Squirrly SEO alongside other SEO plugins like Yoast, Rank Math, SEO Press, Premium SEO Pack, All in One SEO, or SEO Framework in compatibility mode. You can learn more about how to use Squirrly SEO in compatibility mode here. https://howto12.squirrly.co/wordpress-seo/use-squirrly-in-compatibility-mode-with-other-seo-plugins/ If Squirrly stops handling source code changes, then it works with Rank Math, SEOpress, SEO Pressor, All in One SEO, Yoast, SEO Framework, and others. Basically, you can use Squirrly SEO to power up WP on top of everything that is already handled by the other WordPress SEO plugin you’re using. Of course, you can also decide to switch to Squirrly, as it offers the complete SEO funnel. Check out these graphics https://plugin.squirrly.co/compare/ to see how Squirrly compares to other SEO plugins such as Yoast, Rank Math, SEOPress, SEO Framework, and All in One SEO.

How does Squirrly compare with plugins like SEO Framework, SEO Press, Rank Math, All in one SEO, or Yoast in terms of site speed and pagespeed?


Most of the processing, data storage, and other things that only Squirrly SEO can do, are actually things that happen on our Cloud Servers. The duality between plugin and Cloud Services (APIs, crawlers, big data, A.I., MarketIntelligence services) allows us to load the plugin’s code very fast. The duality between SEO plugin and Cloud Services gives us an advantage over other WordPress SEO plugins like SEO Framework, SEO Press, Rank Math, All in One SEO, Rank Math, and Yoast. More about this here. https://howto12.squirrly.co/faq/how-does-squirrly-compare-site-speed/

Does Squirrly SEO have a redirection feature?


Yes, Squirrly does provide redirection functionality. Squirrly SEO has a 301 Redirect option. The 301 Redirection Option can now be found in All Snippets in the Visibility section of Squirrly SEO. Snippets in All Snippet – Bulk SEO Snippet when Editing Page Snippet on the Front-End It’s a new way of doing re-directs and complements our automatic redirection feature. https://howto12.squirrly.co/kb/seo-links/

Is there a way to remove the no-index Pages from the XML sitemap?


Yes, you can use Squirrly SEO to remove the no-index pages from the XML sitemap. You can do this by post type using the SEO Settings > Automation functionality. Simply select the post type and switch off: “Include In XML Sitemap”. More details about how to remove no-index pages from the XML sitemap can be seen here. https://howto12.squirrly.co/kb/seo-automation/#send_to_sitemap Or you can remove the no-index pages from the xml sitemap at an URL level by editing the SEO Snippet and then selecting “Visibility”. More details about this xml sitemap option can be seen here. https://howto12.squirrly.co/kb/bulk-seo/#bulk_seo_visibility

Does Squirrly SEO have an option for submitting new URLs to Google Search Console to be indexed?


Yes, Squirrly has an option that helps with submitting new URLs to Google Search Console, namely the: Ping New Posts to Search Engine option. More details about this here. https://howto12.squirrly.co/kb/sitemap-xml-settings/

What special features does Squirrly SEO for Local SEO?


Squirrly provides Schema for Local Business. Coordinates, hours, menus, etc. are available. You can learn more about this here. https://howto12.squirrly.co/kb/json-ld-structured-data/ Meta Data for GEO and Location – Especially helpful for Local SEO and Knowledge Graph Add Coordinates for Local SEO and add the address of your main location. This will be used for your Organization and for Publisher details within your WordPress site. Schema for Local SEO can now be built directly from WordPress – Squirrly – SEO Settings – JSON-LD. For multiple locations, you can build the Schema using the Editor we give access to and the Custom Code option for Schema. We’ve even added KML files recently so you can easily add your local business to Google Earth and our integration actually works.

What dedicated features does Squirrly offer for websites focused on informing about the news?


Build XML Sitemap for Google News (you can learn more about this here) XML Sitemap Settings: Blogging Frequency. You have the option to select Every Day as your blogging frequency or even Every Hour. Ping New Posts to Search Engines. Pinging is a process by which Squirrly SEO can notify search engines that your xml sitemap has been updated. Open Graph Type for Google News – NewsArticle Schema for Google News https://howto12.squirrly.co/kb/sitemap-xml-settings/#news_sitemap

With Squirrly, can specific pictures for social media shares of pages and posts be used?


Yes, you can customize the Open Graph and Twitter Card image for every page and post using Bulk SEO or the Squirrly SEO Snippet. You can learn more about these features here. https://howto12.squirrly.co/kb/bulk-seo/

How is Squirrly addressing the Core Web Vitals SEO scoring method?


Squirrly is addressing them with Focus Pages. Page experience has been one of the main reasons we’ve created Focus Pages and it goes a little beyond just pagespeed and coding propriety. Time on page, bounce rates, number of pages visited are also very important and we’re getting clear signals that their importance is shifting. We already address pagespeed and https and give resources to our users, so they are prepared for the update. https://howto12.squirrly.co/kb/focus-pages-page-audits/

What is the advantage of using Squirrly’s keyword research tool instead of using an external tool for this?


Squirrly’s built-in keyword research tool allows you to perform keyword research without leaving WordPress. Furthermore, Squirrly also provides access to features like Briefcase, which means you can not only find keywords but also organize them into tighter groups for a better strategy. Furthermore, our keyword research data is fresh, since we don’t use caching (cached databases). Maximum caching time is about 48 hours, not a whole year or two years like you find in other tools. As we use Google API for search volume, Social Media for discussions, the data should be fresh every time and this is why it is different from others – and also why the data we show is different from what you may find in other keyword research tools who use caching for their data. (caching time can be extremely high for some of those tools). https://howto12.squirrly.co/kb/keyword-research-and-seo-strategy/