Email Marketing Campaign

We will create a superb email marketing campaign by drafting eye-catching swipes and/or sequences

About This Service

Email Marketing Campaigns That Connects You With Your Leads Forever. 

An automated evergreen email campaign will work for you 24/7 and never ask for vacation time, sick days, or a raise.

The emails are designed to generate interest in your product and service offerings. If they have engaged previously, engagements are improved significantly after the first launch, so it's perfect for re-engaging them with an enticing message!

At every stage of the buying cycle, your lead will engage more deeply - even if they've never heard of you before.

Your customers deserve it - they're spending time on your website reading about products, editing their shopping cart, or giving out their personal information. It deserves something better than just a follow-up sales pitch! 

We will deliver an excellent email marketing campaign series, perfect for your customers, that will take them further into the funnel and grow sales.

Our clients use the campaigns and funnels we built to generate consistent sales on autopilot and consistent high-converting launches.

Using our proven framework, we will create powerful emails that sell your products and services and increase any future sales.

Understanding your business and buyer persona, we will create email marketing series that will work as an excellent funnel for you.

What do we do for you
☑️ Design and code your custom email broadcasts
☑️ Proofread emails for clarity grammar and spelling
☑️ Ensure mobile-friendly email templates
☑️ Write newsletters including all company updates
☑️ Ensure accurate and prompt communication to minimize unsubscribes
☑️ Make the whole email marketing process stress-free for you by creating beautiful, impact-driven email campaigns that connect with your customer base.

How to Use Automated Email campaigns:

1) They can be triggered when a subscriber opts in or signs up for your email list, usually through a website or landing page
These welcome new subscribers & trigger an email workflow that drives recipients to various goals such as a purchase, scheduling a consultation call, etc. 

2) An email series can be sent to existing subscribers
It can be used to deliver an online course or curriculum, follow up after a purchase, send customer surveys, or drive recipients to a specific goal.

3) Email series can be triggered via behavior such as link click activity or e-commerce transactions 
This is more advanced & can be powerful to boost sales revenue: that reminder message received by a potential customer after an abandoned shopping cart or the one received by a new customer after purchase for offering him/her an upsell or a down-sell. 

Research shows it takes 7+ emails of follow-up to maximize online conversions. Why not automate the process?

We'll create emails that
✔️ are strategically designed to get sales
✔️ build trust
✔️ build your brand authority
✔️ build a personal connection
✔️ generate sales

Industries we have worked with:
🔘 Coaching
🔘 Consulting
🔘 Robotics
🔘 Personal development
🔘 Ecommerce
🔘 Education
🔘 Transportation
🔘 Start-Ups
🔘 Health & fitness
🔘 Clothing & accessories

4-step Email Campaign (up to 450 words each email)


The beginning of a relationship. In this sequence, you build trust with your buyers.

 7 Days Delivery       1 Revision

What's Included

  • Subject Line Included

6-step Email Campaign (up to 450 words each email)


This is typically the conversion sequence. Here you create awareness & sales.

 11 Days Delivery       1 Revision

What's Included

  • Email Template Setup
  • Subject Line Included
  • Email Delivery Schedule

8-step Email Campaign (up to 450 words each email)


This is advanced conversion sequence to grow sales (ROI) and segment buyers.

 15 Days Delivery       1 Revision

What's Included

  • Autoresponder Setup
  • Email Template Setup
  • Subject Line Included
  • Email Delivery Schedule
  • Campaign Optimization

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Package Basic
Autoresponder Setup
Email Template Setup
Subject Line Included
Email Delivery Schedule
Campaign Optimization
Total €397



Do you do cold-emails?


No, we don't. We firmly believe in the power of permission marketing, and we HATE spam mail. If you, however, have a list of subscribers (even if you haven't emailed for a while), we are the right match for you.


What tone of voice are you using?


Usually, we use a very casual tone of voice in our emails. But this also depends on your brand identity and your ideal clients. However, if you are searching for someone to create boring and robot-sounding emails for you, we are NOT the right agency for you.


How do revisions work?


Very simple. Once we deliver the work to you, you can come back to us with feedback or questions and based on our discussion, and we can improve the work. We usually achieve perfect work with one round of revision.


Can you guarantee success?


In more than 90% cases, absolutely yes. For the 10%, we just have to work a little harder. Success would be two steps away instead of one.