Data Mining & Scrapping

We will scrape and mine the website you specify for data

About This Service

Are you tired of manually retrieving data from websites? Or perhaps there's a repeated task that you have to perform redundantly to find data?

Consult with us for an automated web crawler which can automate these tasks for you. We have clientele ranging all around the world and have successfully automated their complete workflow.

Web crawling is a complex task and a lot of research goes into the development.

Some of the obstacles that we can confidently tackle
✔️ Dynamic websites
✔️ Element hiding from the page source
✔️ Login required website
✔️ Web Scrapper
✔️ Web Crawler
✔️ Data processing

We believe in the concept of requirements elicitation before development, hence we don't have a specific price tag for our software. Before any task, we try to develop a clear flow of input and output requirements and then help our clients understand our work so they are absolutely satisfied.

This is our passion so you can rest assured of our persistence, dedication and communication.

It is strongly recommended that you contact us before placing an order so that we can come up with proper understanding on absolute requirements, pricing and delivery. 

Single Source Extraction


One static page website

 2 Days Delivery       1 Revision

What's Included

  • Pages Mined/Scrapped - 2
  • Sources Mine/Scrapped - 1

Multiple Pages


Multiple pages of static data or one page of JavaScript

 3 Days Delivery       2 Revisions

What's Included

  • Pages Mined/Scrapped - 20
  • Sources Mine/Scrapped - 2

Automated Crawler/Spiders


Complete website scraping based on Scrapy crawlers

 6 Days Delivery       2 Revisions

What's Included

  • Pages Mined/Scrapped - 100
  • Sources Mine/Scrapped - 3
  • Support In-Depth Scrapping

Compare Package

Package Basic
Pages Mined/Scrapped 2 20 100
Sources Mine/Scrapped 1 2 3
Support In-Depth Scrapping
Total €24.71



What format do you use to provide me with the data obtained?


We can use any format you require.


What tools do you use?


We use Python with: 1) BeautifulSoup4 for static HTML data. 2) Requests library for API based scraping. 3) Selenium for automated crawlers which require button clicking or other such interactions. 4) Scrapy for powerful and quick scraping of whole websites.


What kind of data can you scrap?


1) Tables or lists or drop down menus. 2) Emails/contact details. 3) A multi-level crawler which goes through links. ...And basically everything and anything that is either: a) Visible to user b) Hidden in page source code.